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BC Power HighwayPanorama, BC
Holiday 2015
A journey on BC’s Powder Highway culminates with a pure Canadian ski experience 

Alps (French)
Bermuda (golf guide)
Bon Echo
British Columbia
Bora Bora
Caribbean (ABC Islands)
Caribbean (Cruise)
Costa Rica
Côte Nord
The Dominican Republic
Florida Everglades
Florida Keys
Florida Paradise Beach
French Polynesia
Georgian Bay
Grosse Île
Herefordshire, UK
Huntington Beach, CA
Republic of Ireland
Isle of Wight
Italy (Villa Vignamaggio)
Lake Tahoe
Le Massif de Charleboix
Les Sables d'Olonne
Golf of Mexico
New Hampshire
New Zealand
North Carolina
North Carolina - The Outer Banks
North Carolina: Golf Destinations
North Carolina: Hunger Games
Northern Ireland
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia (Lighthouse Route)
Panama City Beach
Pelee Island
Prince Edward County
Rhode Island
San Francisco
Sonoma Valley
South Africa
St. Johns
St. Maarten
St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Switzerland (Aletsch Ice Field)
Switzerland (Glacier Express)
Ski Vermont
VIA Ocean to PEI
Zermatt, Switzerland


Paradise BeachFlorida's Paradise Coast
Autumn 2015
Exploring Florida’s Paradise Coast - Naples, Marco Island and West Everglades 
New HampshireNew Hampshire
Autumn 2015
New Hampshire, during peak foliage season, is a road tripper’s dream
Rhode IslandRhode Island
Summer 2015
From the Creative Capital to the Sailing Capital
of Rhode Island 
Republic of IrelandRepublic of Ireland
Summer 2015
Top 11 places to visit while driving along
The Wild Atlantic Way
ScotlandTastes of Scotland
Spring 2015
Top picks of the ultimate food & drink experiences
in Scotland across 15 regions 
Sonoma ValleySonoma Valley
Spring 2015
The annual Sonoma Wine Country Weekend
is wildly popular
Outer BanksNorth Carolina - The Outer Banks
Spring 2015
The outer banks of North Carolina are full of
hidden treasures - here’s 5 fab finds
This article also appeared in VIEW (April 2014)
This sub-tropical paradise is a haven for golf, sailing, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and relaxing
Grosse ÎleGrosse Île
Grosse Île is an island in the St. Lawrence River with a large Canadian national significance
Le Massif de CharlevoixLe Massif de Charlevoix
January/February 2015
Uncovering Quebec’s best kept secret on the banks of the St. Lawrence River
HerefordshireHerefordshire, UK
January/February 2015
The winter Wassail is an English fertility ritual of blessing the orchards
French AlpsFrench Alps
January/February 2015
Famed for their glamour, sophistication and excellent skiing
Costa RicaCosta Rica
September/October 2014
A Canadian hotspot awaits with jungle, beaches,
and adventure galore
Panama City Beach
Panama City Beach
March/April 2014
The popular Florida beach has an annual Jazz Festival along with visits from the Obamas
Ski Vermont
Vermont (Ski)
January/February 2014
Exploring Killington, Stowe and the Mad River Valley
ski resorts
The Baltics
The Baltics
September/October 2013
Cruise companies offer alternatives to exploring tropical islands
Bon Echo Park
Bon Echo
July/August 2013
History and nature meet in Ontario’s Provincial Park Bon Echo
Golf of MexicoGolf of Mexico
May/June 2013
The Riviera Maya Region has been a winter destination
for Canadians for years
Valencia, Spain
March/April 2013
Spain’s city of surprises is becoming one of Europe’s hottest tickets

January/February 2013
Scotland’s most historic city has historical connections
to Canada

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
November/December 2012
For skiers and lovers of snow, Lake Tahoe is a powder hound’s paradise

New Zealand
New Zealand
September/October 2012
Home of recent blockbuster movies, New Zealand is filled with breathtaking scenery

September/October 2012
The Peninsula has only one road to take you along the
picturesque St. Lawrence

July/August 2012
This year, the city hosts the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as well as the Summer Olympics

Prince Edward County
Prince Edward County
July/August 2012
The area is a lot more to this county than being Ontario’s newest wine region

Outer Banks
North Carolina: Golf Destinations
May/June 2012
With its incredible natural beauty and rich heritage, it could be one of the ultimate golf destinations

North Carolina
North Carolina: The Hunger Games
May/June 2012
Visiting locations where the movie The Hunger Games
was photographed

Les Sables d'Olonne
Les Sables d'Olonne
March/April 2012
A quintessentially French resort town - just a 3-hour TGV ride west from Paris

Zermatt, Switzerland
January/February 2012
Europe’s premier resort village at the base of one
of the world's most famous mountains - the Matterhorn

January/February 2012
Turning a simple getaway into
a Girls’ Great Escape

November/December 2011
The largest and oldest winter carnival in the world is
held every year in Québec

  Surf Huntington Beach, CA
September/October 2011
Otherwise known as Surf City, USA, this beautiful ocean-side village is just 45 minutes from LA

Nordik Express Côte Nord, QC
September/October 2011

Take an adventurous trip up the St. Lawrence onboard the Nordik Express

Newfoundland iceberg Newfoundland
July/August 2011
Taking one of the most peaceful journeys into Canada's past

Bermuda Bermuda
May/June 2011
A world away, so near. The island has the perfect climate for playing golf year round

Africa South Africa
March/April 2011
Looking for the big five on a luxury safari
(lion, rhino, elephant, leopard & African buffalo

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
March/April 2011

The North has hidden gems, stunning landscapes and a rich history

Bora Bora Bora Bora
January/February 2011
The South Pacific island is hands-down the most romantic place on Earth

Vermont Vermont
November/December 2010

With its unparalleled alpine & nordic skiing, the "green mountain state" is America’s winter playground

Fiji Fiji
September/October 2010

The republic of Fiji is an archipelago consisting of 333 islands in the heart of the tropical Pacific Ocean

Nantucket Nantucket
September/October 2010

With its centuries-old charm and uninterrupted view of the Atlantic, the island is nicknamed "the old grey lady"

Iceland Iceland
July/August 2010

The eruption of Eyjafjallajökull closed down international travel and made Iceland a hot destination

Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
July/August 2010
Five kilometres off the south coast, lies a miniature version of England - without the frenzied pace

St. Maarten St. Maarten
May/June 2010

It may be only one island, but it is actually two nations and one extraordinary vacation spot!

Wales Wales
May/June 2010

Wales is miles upon miles of beautiful and unspoiled countryside with fewer inhabitants than Toronto

Australia Australia
March/April 2010

The country of Australia is actually a continent on the other side of the world and full of mystery

St. Vincent & The Grenadines St. Vincent & The Grenadines
March/April 2010

The islands are famous for their beauty and rich history of pirates - including the real Captain Jack Sparrow

Cannes Cannes
December 2009

Located on the southeast coast of France, it is one of the best-known cities in the French Riviera

Ireland Ireland
November 2009

Mystical Ireland is the friendliest place on Earth even with a cancelled flight and two flat tires

Hawaii Hawaii
October 2009

Although there are actually eight islands, the name of the State comes from the largest of the group

Florida Keys Florida Keys
October 2009

Much of Florida is as American as it can get - until you get to the Keys and then it all changes

Via Ocean Via Ocean to PEI
September 2009

As the train rolls alongside the St. Lawrence River, the scenery is spectacular

Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
July August 2009

The world famous high tides of Nova Scotia ebb and flow about every six hours

Malta Malta
June 2009

Malta is the largest in a group of five islands in the Mediterranean just south of Sicily

Virginia Virginia
June 2009

There's 4233 km of scenic drives along the coast and 860 km of trails through the Appalachian Mountains

St. Johns St. Johns
May 2009

On the northern tip of Newfoundland, there is nothing beyond it, but ocean for thousands of miles

California California
May 2009

Driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a "Thelma and Louise" fantasy

Croatia Croatia
April 2009

Overshadowed by larger tourist destinations, this central European country is an unforgettable destination

Caribbean The Caribbean (ABC Islands)
Winter 2009

A chain of three sister islands in the south, off the north coast of Venezuela, are known as the ABC Islands

North Carolina North Carolina (The Outer Banks)
Winter 2009

The Outer Banks is a 210km long chain of islands, sand spits, dunes and marshes

Mexico Mexico
December 2008

This is a country full of contradictions and surprises and an amazing number of fantastic adventures

Jamaica Jamaica
November 2008

This island has more super all-inclusive resorts than any other destination in the Caribbean

Aletschglescher Switzerland (Aletschgletscher)
September 2008

The Aletschgletscher is the longest glacier in Europe, but it is receding faster than expected

French Polynesia French Polynesia
September 2008

With 365 beaches, this tiny island is the Caribbean go-to location for sun lovers

Caribbean Cruise Caribbean (Cruise)
May 2008

Dine like royalty while having the whole family entertained and don't worry about the drive home

Prague Prague
April 2008

City of a hundred spires and one of the great cultural and historical centres of Europe

Belize Belize
April 2008

A country full of natural wonders from rainforest to the second largest barrier reef in the world

Florida Everglades Florida Everglades
Winter 2008

Unbelievably beautiful orchids adorn almost every tree in this natural and serene part of Florida

Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic
December 2007

Christopher Columbus loved this island paradise so much his dying wish was to be buried here

Chile Chile
November 2007

A truly beautiful and diverse country, it is still underdeveloped when it comes to tourism

Italy Italy
October 2007

Taking a tour of Italy sounds like a lot to do, but you're never rushed and there's no waiting in line

Georgian Bay Georgian Bay
September 2007

Southern Georgian Bay has the longest freshwater beach in the world and 30,000 islands

Serbia Serbia
July 2007

The former Republic of Yugoslavia maintains the spirit of their glorious past

Glacier Express Switzerland (Glacier Express)
June 2007

No one has perfected travel like the Swiss with their Rail Pass which will take you all over the country

San Francisco San Francisco
April 2007

Unique for its hills and the Golden Gate bridge, the city also has an incredible wharf area for food and arts

Antigua Antigua
Winter 2007

With 365 beaches, this tiny island is the Caribbean go-to location for sun lovers

Vignamaggio Italy (Villa Vignamaggio)
November 2006

The Villa is now a famous winery, but it was once home to the little girl who became the Mona Lisa

Gananoque Gananoque
October 2006

Less than three hours east of Mississauga, Gananoque is considered the gateway to the islands

Tobermory Tobermory
September 2006

The picturesque village is surrounded by historic lighthouses and shipwrecks

Pelee Island Pelee Island
June 2006

Canada’s most southerly inhabited land mass makes you feel like you're going back in time

The Rhine The Rhine
June 2006

One of the longest rivers in Europe,
The Rhine is home to castles and Riesling grapes

Nova Scotai Nova Scotia (Lighthouse Route)
May 2006

A journey along the historic lighthouse route - on the trail of Captain Kidd

Algonquin Algonquin
Winter 2006

One of Algonquin Park's mysteries along with the peace and serenity of Canada's wilderness