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Renfe High Speed Train from Valencia to Madrid

Renfe High Speed Train from Valencia to Madrid
This video is shot from inside the train
This is a very truncated version of a high speed train trip from Valencia to Madrid. The journey took 1.5 hours. Music: Deep End by Who What Where. Here is a link to the article Terry wrote in GoodLife: Valencia to Madrid Here is also a link to Editor Terry's travel blog, The Journeyist: Spain's coastal city of surprises

Tour 2012
Tour de Mississauga - 5th Annual Tour (September 2012)
This year saw 1800 riders participating
This year's tour took place in the southwest quadrant of the City. Beginning at Celebration Square, riders headed down to the Lakeshore and ended up back at City Centre for a free BBQ. The day started at a cool 9 degrees, but warmed up under sunny skies and finished with a beautiful afternoon for sitting outside and soaking up some well-deserved rays. Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks to all the volunteers!

Absolute Towers
The Absolute Towers, Mississauga, furnished model suite
We check out the penthouse on the 50th floor
We visit Mississauga's favourite towers - the Marilyn Monroe buildings - AKA the curvy condo and take some photos and videos. Here are some interior shots and views from the balcony. We originally got inside for the first time back in November 2010, but it was all just raw concrete. This time, it's fully finished and decorated. The buildings are not only the highest in Mississauga, they are also world reknown for their unique design.

Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland
The incredible new 150 kmh roller coaster has an 81 first descent
We went to visit Canada's Wonderland in May 2012 to talk to the Vice President and General Manager, who took us around the park and showed us the new features including their brand new Dinosaur Park.
The life-size dinosaurs move and roar and look incredible. The Leviathan coaster is designed by Bolliger and Mabillard of Switzerland (the best roller coaster designers in the world). Take a look at some of the videos...

TGV Les Sables
TGV Paris-Les Sables D'Olonne
The Train de Grand Vitesse (high-speed rail) travels up to 320 kph
This month's travelogue
visits France's west coast holiday retreat. Although the 400 km journey usually takes up to six hours on the National Railway, the TVR takes half the time. The video shows an passenger's view of the ride. Observe the extensive number of wind turbine farms and the majesty of rural France as the train travels southwest from Paris. The music track is called "Blue" and is written and performed by Mississauga's Who What Where.
It is available on iTunes from their new album
A Voice For The North.

Liz Primeau
Liz Primeau - Cover Shoot (March 2012)
Our own famous gardening magazine editor has a new book about Garlic
Liz Primeau is the former editor of
Canadian Gardening and Ontario Living magazines. She was on the editorial staff of Chatelaine, Toronto Life and City Woman. She was also host of HGTV's Canadian Gardening Television. In addition, she is also the founding president of the Applewood Garden Club in Mississauga. We went to her home to shoot some photos for the cover of the Spring issue of GoodLife.

Tour de Mississauga 2011
Tour de Mississauga - 4th Annual Tour (September 2011)
It was a cold, early start for the tour, but ended up a beautiful day
Over 1,300 riders participated in this year's tour. The 4th Tour de Mississauga took place throughout the north-east quadrant of the City - starting and ending at the newly renovated Mississauga Celebration Square. The "tour" is not a race so cyclists of any age (recommended 10+) or ability, on any kind of bike (including electric assist), were welcome to participate in the non-competitive, city cycling ride of the year. 

MIFF 2011
2011 MIFF (Mississauga Independent Film Festival) Gala Launch
Movie director, festival co-founder, and festival director Matt Campagna
Matthew started the MIFF festival with his brother back in 2007. This year is the biggest and best so far. The festival also  has a new home at the AMC 24 Theatres at Winston Churchill and the QEW. The opening night gala was held at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The festival encourages and supports independent Canadian cinema including this year's opening night feature "Casino Jack" starring Kevin Spacey.

1954 MiG-15 Pilot
Local Helicopter Pilot With an Appetite for Vintage Aircraft
Richard Cooper has been flying helicopters all his life, but that changed once he got to fly in an F-15 Eagle.  That's when he decided he had to have a jet. What he ended up buying, however, is even more amazing - a classic 1954 MiG-15. In our videos we feature the MiG being rolled out onto the tarmac and Steve Uhraney shooting the cover of the July August Goodlife 2011 cover photo.


Curvy Condo
Mississauga's Curvy Condo
The Marilyn Monroe Towers (The Absolute Towers)
We have been following the construction of these buildings since they won the design competition in 2006. Also known as the "supermodel of modern architecture," the original Marilyn Monroe building (named for its voluptuous curves) was started in 2007. At 56 floors, it is the tallest building in Mississauga. In November of 2010 we were allowed to go inside and rode the "lift" to the 50th floor to take pictures.

Fashion Shoot
Holiday Fashion Shoot
Changing Lanes from Office to Party
Here is the goodlife team on location at Brunswick Zone Mississauga. We wanted to put our models in a familiar situation where they would look out of place as if they were on their way somewhere - between the office and a party. In the meantime, they could have dropped in at a coffee shop or an arcade or maybe even a bowling alley. The photos were used for our November/December issue of Goodlife 2010. Steve Uhraney is the photographer.

Canadian Warplane Heritage
The Lancaster Mk X Heavy Bomber (FM213)
7,377 of these aircraft were built during the Second World War between 1943 and 1945. 430 were built right here in Mississauga at Victory Aircraft. There are only two of them left in the world that still fly. This one is located at the Hamilton International Airport. The other one is in Lincolnshire at the Battle of Britain Memorial in England. We featured the aircraft of the museum in our September/October 2010 issue.

Off To The Races
This Fall's Surprising Winner
Lucky Melissa was a little horse nobody wanted, but Joe Trdak, a local store owner here in Mississauga, saw something in her and took a chance. Last year (2010), she won 3 of her 7 races and came in second in 2 others. We visit Joe's farm and meet some of his other thoroughbreds including Doc, Mrs. Cooksville and some new foals who were only a few months old at the time. The article appeared in the November/December 2010 issue.

Up In The Air
Cameron Air's Cessna 208 Caravan
Cameron Air flew us to Lake Joseph in Muskoka so we could shoot the plane taking off and landing on the water. The plane seats 8 to 9 and can cruise at 160 knots (about 300 kph) at an altitude between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. Pilots Keyson and Mike dropped us off at a dock that was under construction. It was a great location to set up the cameras, but the workers had a nail gun that kept everyone on edge. You can hear it every once in a while going off in the background.

747 St. Maarten
St. Maarten Airport
Princess Juliana International Airport

Due to the short runway, incoming air traffic has to touch down as close as possible to the edge of the runway which is right on Maho beach. There is no other place in the world where you can experience the thrill of aircraft flying so close.
The video is courtesy of TGTV Inc, producers of The Travel Guy travel Show.