Unlimited Thought-College University Home Schooling

Is unlimited thought achievable? What is unlimited thought? Do you believe you have potential of the mind? Many people believe that their god has an unlimited mind and is capable of unlimited thoughts and unlimited communication with all the humans on the planet and it is all-knowing and knows the future and the past all at once.

Sounds like super intelligence to me and one has to wonder what the limits are for the human mind or are there any? Can the human mind process unlimited thought; most people would say no it cannot. Then other people would say that all the human minds are connected in some way in that they use similar brain waves and everything is connected to everything anyway.

This would mean that the collective mind should be able to contain unlimited thought by way of distribution, kind of like grid computing. In other words whenever you are thinking about something then someone else already knows the answer and if you could tap into their brain for the same information then in a way you would have unlimited thought and the answers to nearly every question you could ever ask and that is an interesting scenario as we talked to people who are into that sort of thing.

In the future perhaps there will be devices to connect huge groups of people using a portion of each person’s brain to solve all the worlds problems for every single individual. That might be pretty cool. Is unlimited thought achievable and how long in the future would humankind have to wait to have such capabilities so readily available?

When will this technology be developed and how come we don’t have it; because no one ever thought of it? Can he see why we need unlimited thought? Please consider all this in 2019.